SOLID development principles and test driven design suffer from a number of definable flaws. Newayva's Codenertia Framework and methodology can be used to resolve these flaws. Codenertia makes it possible to dramatically reduce the need for frequent rewrites and to eliminate a large percentage of the cutting and pasting required by SOLID and TDD. Our design methodology is more efficient and is not held back by current best practices.
Service Area Architecture Pattern Service Area Architecture Pattern
A new way of accomplishing the goals of SOLID and TDD without the awkward construction and unnecessary complexity.  SAAP is a natural and accessible solution that produces testable code with far less effort

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Organic Programming Organic Programming
A true fourth generation descriptive solution.  Organic Programming is based upon the most sophisticated machines on the planet, Human beings. The genetic makeup of people is its foundation and inspiration.

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Faster Development Faster Development
Reading and writing of data, transactions, navigation and security management can be developed and managed in minutes rather than days or weeks. Codenertia allows developers to teach the computer to write code.

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NEWAYVA - A New Way of Doing Things: an elegant, clean, simple solution.

A true 4th generation descriptive programming solution. Our patent pending system comprised of our Polymorphic Relational Path Language, and our Codenertia framework act in concert to allow a single software architect (or a small team of developers) to rapidly create complex solutions that previously would have taken an entire development team a much longer period of time to create.

Our Team

Peter Kotman has 16 years of professional experience in Consulting and Software development. Peter graduated with honors from the CS department at Grand Valley State University. He has since served as a technical advisor for a CS Master’s level capstone project. Peter has a wide breadth of experience, working with numerous industries: CRM, financial, large retailers, tourism, manufacturing, energy, distribution and logistics, defense, and non-profit. He has worked on small projects to enterprise.

Peter's technical focus centers around the Microsoft ecosystem with focuses on Services, Desktop Apps, and Mobile. Additionally, Peter is highly skilled in the areas of architecture, code automation, and reflective patterns and design. Peter has recently partnered up with longtime friend Jeffrey Holst founding the company of Newayva. Newayva is introducing revolutionary technology that will change the way software is developed and designed.
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Jeffrey D. Holst is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer for Newayva. Jeff holds a Bachelor’s of Science and Masters of Business Administration from Grand Valley State University and a Juris Doctorate from Michigan State University. Jeff graduated early from law school, and with honors. While he was there he earned the jurisprudence award in individual income taxation and was selected as the graduating class speaker.

Jeff brings a unique blend of experience to Newayva. He spent several years practicing law and running his own law practice in Western Michigan before moving to Chattanooga TN to pursue a career in transportation and logistics. After more than 5 years in transportation management and ultimately serving as General Counsel and Director of Administration for a fast growing transportation agency, he joined with his longtime friend Peter Kotman in founding Newayva.
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