Newayva’s Origin story

I hope that this is a fun little post for you to read.  Its not really meant to provide any meaningful information about us.  Its more of a short history of how we came to be.  Peter and I have been friends since elementary school.  We have often talked about starting a business.  Even as kids we tried various things to make money.  We bought and sold collectible coins, set up booths at flea markets, antique malls and couple times we even sold pop and snacks at coin shows so the dealers could eat and not have to leave their booths.

Then we grew up.  Pete became a developer and software engineer.  I went to business school and then law school.  I started a law practice.  Peter consulted and took development jobs.  We both got married, Pete and his wife had a child.  I quit practicing law and went into business.  I bought some rental homes, and then I moved further away and took a job working in transportation.  Pete kept doing development but he too found himself with a job.  Pete is still in west Michigan and I am in Chattanooga TN.  Every so often, I am able to make a trip home and sometimes on those trips Pete and are able to make time to get together.

In May of 2015, we met up for drinks at a nice little place in our mutual hometown called the Hudsonville Grille (check it out if you ever find yourself in H-town).  Anyway at that meeting Pete started to complain about the fact that he had this idea that he thought would change the world.  To be honest I was only half listening, but after awhile something he said sunk in and I stopped him and asked him to repeat it.  Basically he was claiming that he thought he could reduce development time by a large percentage  as in upwards of 90% in some cases.  Anyway this intrigued me enough that I wanted more info.  This friendly conversation over drinks ultimately formed the basis of our company.  It was from that seed that Newayva grew.

It took us until July to work out the details and until October for Pete to quit his full time gig and start developing full time for us.  We didn’t even settle on a name until much later.  That is the story of our beginnings.  The moral of the storty is you never know where opportunity will arise and its important to pay attention (especially when Pete talking).