Simple Words, Fewer Mistakes

A common problem that I run into in consulting is the business terminology. Anywhere you go, a given business term may have differing processes while retaining essentially the same meaning. Both Walmart and a child’s lemonade stand have sales, though the business processes are radically different. Using simple business terminology helps the various people in […]

Reflective SQL Queries

How to search a SQL Server to find names of database objects such as Tables, Views, Stored Procedures and their columns and parameters. As a consultant, I have found it important to be able to navigate quickly through unfamiliar, large and complicated SQL Server (Sequel) databases. There is rarely useful accompanying documentation. When documentation exists, […]

An Introduction to the Codenertia Genetic Framework

Welcome to the Codenertia Genetic Framework. It is an important part of Newayva’s revolutionary Pattern Driven Development (PDD) for software engineering. Patterns are everywhere in software. Software development is verbose and redundant. It takes many lines of code for a programmer to describe tasks. Every line of code a developer has to write is a […]