Organic Programming

organic-programmingNewayva is introducing the next generation of development, Organic Programming.  It is a new discipline of programming that is natural, simple, and powerful.  Organic Programming is true fourth generation descriptive solution.  Third generation development provides explicit state-by-step instructions as to how an application will behave.  In fourth generation programming, the problem is described to the system. Fourth generation programming is a technique that has been talked about and theorized for years.  Newayva is moving past the talk and theory to a solution.

Newayva’s Codenertia is a patent pending framework that is based upon the most sophisticated machines on the planet, Humans.  The genetic makeup of people, the architecture of human design is the foundation and inspiration of this new technology.  The concept is simple: it is better to grow code than to write it.

There are two components that go into this:  DNA and RNA.  DNA (Data Notation Architecture) describes the shape of data, its schema.  In the process of producing and resolving a project’s DNA, the schema descriptions can be reshaped, be multiplied out, as well as be inherited from one layer to the next.  The DNA is only one half of the equation.  The second is part is RNA (Resolution Notation Architecture).  The RNA consumes the application DNA and describes what the corresponding code should be represented in the respective application.

The DNA and RNA components are organized with a new and innovative data query language, called PRPL (Polymorphic Relational Path Language).  PRPL (as described in the Newayva patent proposal) is an exceedingly simple and is a powerful computer language designed to relate data from disconnected data sources.  The PRPL programming language is one of many new and innovative technological advances which make the Codenertia solution possible and which make Newayva unique.