What Does it Mean to Program a Computer?

laptopWhen you program new software, you are teaching the computer a new skill.  “Computer, this is what you need to manage customers, to store documents or process orders.”  Teaching the computer how to perform a given task doesn’t mean removing human input.  For instance, software may instruct a computer how to provide a user a word processor tool.  That word processor still requires human input supporting a virtually limitless composition of words.

Computers often provide a means of reducing or eliminating, the redundant and the mundane; leaving humans with tasks of creativity and decision.  Removing repetition is a good thing, when it comes to redundancies, humans are prone to error.

What is interesting is that teaching a computer how to perform redundant tasks is itself quite redundant.  Programming a computer is redundant, and humans are not good at redundancies. It can take teams of developers a great deal of time to write software loaded with redundancies.  This process is expensive.  A computer can perform the same tasks over and over again, with precision and uniformity, humans on the other hand have a way of adding volatility and mistakes.

Fortunately, there is new way of doing things.  Newayva’s revolutionary patent pending technology, Codenertia. Codenertia equips a developer with a simple way to teach a computer how to program.  Incredibly a programmer is be able teach a computer how to program itself.  A virtual copy of a team’s best developer can be made, by describing the inputs for constructing an application; it is resolved.  The tools are simple and accessible, providing clear instructions for the computer. With the developer’s instructions, the computer can analyze a database or other data source, manage basic business rules, and provide an appropriate user interface.   The architecture and design of the application is fluid and easy to modify. Common tasks such as the reading and writing of data, transactions, navigation and security management can be developed and managed in minutes: verses days, weeks or months.

Codenertia is easily extended and customized.  Upgrading a Codenertia project can be done in a fraction of a time than that of a traditional manually created application.  Custom business rules can be easily introduced to an application.

It is time to move with the momentum of the next generation of computing.  Catch the wave of the future.  It is time for Newayva.